I think Courtney and Duncan are great characters…except when they’re together. They bring out the worst in each other.”

Personally, I don’t want DxC back and I kinda want DxG to sink. Instead, I want to see some yaoi/yuri pairings become canon, but knowing the most likely truth, I am pretty sure it won’t happen~”

Am I the only person who is sane about shipping in this fandom? I mean, it is NOT about which pairing will be canon and I really wish the fandom realized that there is more to the fandom than shipping your OTP.”

Why do I feel that Alejandro is shipped by most character? We all know he isn’t that gay…”

I only liked Hunter Zoey.”

I hate TDA. I can watch every season of TD except for TDA. The only episodes I can stand are the Aftermath episodes.”

Hello!! I’m making some confessions right now!

I fell in love with Gwen since I first saw her.”

I honestly really don’t like Courtney as a character or a person. Why? Well, she reminds me of some former friends in middle school I had who were really popular and snotty. I really don’t like how they used me and bullied me and managed to get away with such shit. I also really hate the way she treats a lot of the other characters such as Duncan and how she constantly uses violence such as kicking or beating them up with a light pole, and I DESPISED how she chose taking the money over a person.”

Zoey and Mike are just satellite characters. Booooooring.”